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Business Directory Submission Guidelines

We make every effort to review as many submissions as possible in a timely manner but we cannot always accept every free submission.

When submitting, please provide an accurate and grammatically correct title and description of the website. The title and description should always reflect the content that a user would find on submitted website.

Title & Description:

  • The Title and Description should be meaningful and not just contain a list of keywords.
  • The title shouldn’t be too lengthy (anywhere between 20 to 50 characters is usually fine).
  • Do Not Capitalize Each Word.
  •  Avoid repetition of keywords.

URL & Domain:

  • Do not submit parked domains and domains that have no content
  • Do not submit domains that redirect to another site.
  • We do not accept domains hosted on free hosting services or domains that are not registered.

Site Content:

  • Never submit a site that is under construction or is about to launch. Make sure the submitted site is fully operational before submitting, otherwise will be held pending or rejected.
  • Never submit a  site that consist of Affiliate, banner, or advertising ONLY.
  • We don’t accept sites having just one page or not to Google quality standards.
  • Do not use URL shorteners in order to submit multiple similar links.
  • No link titles or descriptions that consists of only keywords.
  • No Google+ posts, FaceBook posts, twitter, pinterest, youTube videos etc only.
  • Do not submit sites which promote illegal activity.
N.B: We reserve the right to modify your submission to fit our guidelines.


  • If the submitted website is rejected due to being related to gambling, sports betting, pharmaceuticals, sexually oriented materials, deemed offensive to the general public or promoting illegal activity, your submission fee not  be refunded. In doubt please contact our Support Team before submitting.
  • Listings maybe held pending until the said site has been corrected towards basic Google quality standards, any payment made will be refunded if requested within 30 days of submission.

In General

The submitter is responsible for any links entered. Blatant abuse of our guidelines or e-mail verification could cause being blacklisted with all previous links removed from the Taaps Link web directory.

Fortnightly link validation are run, if the submission returns an unsuccessful HTTP request code then this will be reviewed. Upon manually reviewing the said link and still failing our guidelines then the link will be deleted without any notice. Therefore please verify all links before submitting otherwise all unverified links will be automatically deleted to safe gaurd our page ranking and quality of our web directory.