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Image for Windows Keeps Your Data Safe!

Date Added: November 02, 2015 10:09:52 AM
Author: Michael E. Callahan
Category: Computers & Internet: Data Backup
In today's world we are flooded with data on a daily basis. We have data from work, from home, from family and friends. For most of us a good majority of our lives is stored, in one form or another, on our computers. With so much that's important to us sitting on our computers it's important we keep it all backed up. That's where Image for Windows, by TeraByte Unlimited, comes in.

Everything You Need

Image for Windows is powerful, but it's also very easy-to-use. The software makes it easy to save a complete image of a hard drive and put it in a file or save it on a CD or DVD. A handy wizard guides you through an intuitive process so you can backup everything to an image. Image for Windows will verify all the data so you can be certain that all of your valuable data is backed up correctly. Most other backup solutions don't give you this peace of mind.

Image for Windows also comes with a DOS and a Linux version included in the package. Image for Windows can make a bootable Linux disc that allows you to "image" everything on your computer while Windows is not loaded. This makes the entire process quick and easy. So, Image for Windows gives you lots of options so you can create a VERIFIED image of your system and feel secure that all your data is safe.

Image for Windows is flexible and versatile. It allows you to make differential backups which can save you time. When you first install it the program even lets you pick which "point-in-time" technology to use. You can pick from Microsoft "Volume Shadow Service" (VSS) or Terabytes' own "PHYlock" technology. In addition, you can elect to compact your images so they take up less space.

And lastly, if you're so inclined, you can even write scripts to automate the process of backup or restore so it doesn't need you to intervene. Slick!

Summing It Up

Over time I've used every backup solution that's out there. I've tried them all and Image for Windows is the one I use. I use it to backup all my computers, all my data. I trust Image for Windows to do an outstanding job and it's never let me down. For the price of purchase, you can't beat it. You get Image for Windows, Image for DOS, and Image for Linux all for one, low price. Image for Windows takes the worry out of imaging your system and creating backups. It doesn't matter if you're a computer professional or using your very, first computer. Image for Windows is just easy to use. So, if you're looking for a powerful backup solution for one computer or a 1,000 computers, Image for Windows is the program you need. I recommend it!